Can We Have Too Much Freedom?

Well, I am here to report some really good news! Your constitutionally protected rights are fully secure…that is if you are an elitist progressive or one of their liberal mouthpieces. If you are a conservative, Christian, male, or simply any other individual who is too intelligent to believe in the progressive agenda, your in for a rough ride!

Have you ever noticed how the liberal puppets will go on preaching about rights, equality, and fairness all the while trampling on the rights, equality, and fairness of others who may not agree with their ideological point of view? And don’t even get me started on their intolerant hypocritical view of intolerance.

Progressives have trained their liberal puppets well regarding personal rights, privilege and entitlements but have altogether failed to even mention anything about duty and responsibility or if they have, they have taught them a perverted view of duty and responsibility. What do I mean by “duty and responsibility”? If you have a reasonable expectation to be treated in a certain manner just because it is the right way to treat people, then you also have a duty and a responsibility to treat others in the same manner.

We even have a name for this that I am sure most of you under 30 idealists have even heard of. It’s called “The GOLDEN RULE”. You cannot piss all over someone else and then expect them to shower you with roses. It just doesn’t work that way and no amount of law can make it work that way. As human beings, we are each conceived and born with certain natural rights, among them are the rights that are protected by the Amendments to the Constitution of the United States, but there are many others that are not mentioned or clearly defined in any legal terms.

This is because they are inherent and there is no way that any form of government or written law could be conceived to protect them without potentially risking the infringement upon the rights of others. These rights include but are not limited to the right to be treated fairly, courteously, respectfully, and with integrity as a law-abiding contributing member of society. A law protecting your individual rights as a member of society to be treated with respect would not be appropriate because it could violate someone else’s rights, such as their right to freedom of speech.

Now, in the olden days, living in accordance with these principles and the Golden Rule was looked upon as having honor, virtue, and manners. These were cornerstones to the building of a safe, civil and prosperous society where every member could thrive both emotionally and financially should they chose to do so.

What about all of the discrimination that exists today you ask? It may come as a shock to you highly evolved and intellectual masters under the age of 30, but racial discrimination is ten times worse today than it was when I was a kid and I grew up on the side of town where I was damn near a minority and relationships between men and women, while never perfect, were far better than they are today. What I have witnessed in the eight years of watching Obama and his cronies go out of their way to destroy race and gender relations in this nation is almost unimaginable.

Now for those of you who do not believe that things like respect, dignity and courtesy are natural rights, study your emotional state when you have been treated disrespectfully or rudely and notice that you are angry and upset. These emotions are natures way of telling us that a wrong has been committed against us and as such, since these emotions are products of human nature and since we have every right to feel this way because of the wrong committed against us, we can define these needs and expectations of respect and courtesy as natural rights.

So if these rights cannot and should not be protected by positive law (written law), then how do we protect ourselves from infringement? Well, this is where we, as the more civilized and advanced participants of society, should always try to take the high road and walk away. In Christian terms, this means to forgive. However, that does not mean that the person violating the natural rights of others gets off Scot-free.

These rights, like many others, are mutable which means that if a person is being rude or disrespectful, then he or she surrenders their right to be treated politely and respectfully, and nature, or call it karma if you like, always has a way of evening out the score and take comfort knowing that the laws of nature never return void.

So rest well knowing that the unscrupulous scoundrel who disrespected you will eventually get his or her just desserts. Also take comfort in the knowledge that they are no longer deserving of your respect and should you choose to withhold it from them, they have nothing to complain about – although we all know they will anyway.

But what about this perverted view of duty and responsibility that I mentioned earlier? It seems the modern day teachings of duty and responsibility by progressive academia, strays far from the golden rule, which, by the way, is the parents’ responsibility to teach anyway.

Duty and responsibility for the younger progressively indoctrinated generations basically means going out and throwing a violent public temper tantrum when something in society does not meet your expectations, or to be more accurate, when your progressive masters tell you something is not right in Utopia. This current Antifa thing is a perfect example and the progressive left is responsible for this type of behavior and has been for decades.

This is not a recent phenomenon, it has been going on for years but the biggest difference between those taking to the streets today and those who marched against the Vietnam war, for example, is the complete lack of regard for other human beings and their property. The anti-Vietnam war movement was, for the most part, passive while this Antifa crap is obviously aggressive and committed by complete cowards who won’t even show their faces.

That should tell you everything you need to know right there. If their cause is just and right and their means are completely legal, then why do they need to hide their faces? I remember another organization here in the states that used to hide behind hooded-masks as well while they committed their acts of terror in the name of racial purity.

Wow, did I just associate Antifa with terrorism, fascism, and genocide all in one sentence? Well if the shoe fits… Another quick note regarding Antifa; Can anyone tell me what it actually is? According to Wikipedia, it is an ANTI-FAscism movement (which I consider to be hilariously ironic) but the Urban-Dictionary defines it as ANTI First Amendment. No matter, I will call it what it really is, anti-intelligence.

But all of this gets me back to my main point. As long as you are marching in the name of progressivism, then you are allowed to violently and destructively protest and there will never be any legal or social repercussions. Our right to peaceably assemble, as protected by the 1st Amendment, does not include throwing rocks at people or destroying property unless, again, it is in the name of some social injustice as defined by the progressive left, such as conservatives doing something as dangerous and irresponsible as speaking the truth, aka hate speech!

When these disrespectful morons commit these act, they are officially rioting, assaulting and vandalizing and at this point should be criminally charged. Are they? Of course not. Why? Because they are doing it in the name of progressivism which in and of itself has assumed the mantle of being the law so therefore it is above the law.

Freedom of the press is also secured against infringement, again if you are progressive minded, and if you look at the news reports coming out of many of the mainstream media outlets today, there is no doubt that their number one goal is not to report objectively but rather to twist and spin the story to support the progressive agenda regarding the latest cause of the day.

They make no attempt to promote civility in their reporting, in fact, they are doing everything within their power, to make sure that their liberal base is fired up and ready to take the streets. Remember, with rights and freedoms, come duty and responsibilities. Clearly, the mainstream media does not remember this.

What about freedom of religion? Again, great if you are anything but conservative Christian. Radical Islamists and Atheists are clearly winning this battle as well. Too bad the Atheists will have to pay the biggest price on this one. As a Christian, I am willing to fight and die for what I believe in but the poor Atheists are going to slaughtered for their belief in nothing if the radical Islamists have their way.

Freedom of speech is certainly at the forefront in the assault on conservative values. Conservatism revolves primarily around one thing, the truth. This is why the truth is being dubbed the new hate speech. Don’t believe me, just ask the very few conservatives in Hollywood how their careers have been going since they were discovered as being the evil enemy.

Try to carry on a conversation with a progressive or a brainwashed liberal and see what happens. Since they can’t beat the truth, they immediately start verbally assaulting you with profanities and disparaging remarks just to try to shut you up. Hmm, sounds Antifa, as in ANTI First Amendment to me, how about you?

Do you see a trend here? As you continue to read my articles, you will. This is all being propagated by the extremist left-wing progressive leaders who have infiltrated our educational systems and media. They are in complete control of the conversation on every front. How do you stop them?

We stop them by protecting and reinforcing the laws of nature so that they may work freely and by exercising our duties and responsibilities toward society. You can choose to teach your children yourself regarding manners, courtesy, respect and honor or you can allow mass media and educational institutions to impart their ideas upon them. As a parent, you are in charge and you are responsible for the outcome.

If you choose to sit back and let MSM news outlets, television and progressive academia be the primary social influence in your child’s life, then don’t complain or feign shock when you look up at the news someday and see your child bashing in somebody’s head with a rock. While society and education may have failed your child, you failed them first. If this applies to you and it sounds a little harsh, tough, fix the problem and it won’t apply to you anymore. Again, you are in control. Not me and not the progressives.

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