Trump inspects border wall prototypes

Walls As Seen By Progressives

Progressives don’t see security and safety when they look at a border wall – they see an obstruction to their dreams! Many immigrants come here to pursue the American dream which the wall will not stop, it will simply keep out the undesirables. But a border wall is very effective at stopping another kind of dream. One shared by power hungry progressives all over the world. The dream of globalism. How do you make the globalist dream come true? Destroy nationalism!

What is the only nation in modern history to have the ability and resolve to stand up to globalist tyranny both economically and militarily? The United States! Is it becoming clear now just how big of a threat the progressive left views nationalism? Globalism can’t exist with strong borders ergo…destroy nationalism and you destroy borders and walls.

Destroy borders and walls and you empower globalism. Empower globalism and you can relegate the people into subjugation. But who are the people subjugated to? The people who successfully destroyed American nationalism of course! The Clinton’s, Soros’s, Rothschild’s, Pelosi’s, aka, the self-appointed elite! So Pelosi standing between Trump and the wall is not just about the Dems wanting to obstruct Trump’s agenda at all cost – That is just optics, that is what they want you to believe.

They would rather intelligent people think them petty and the ignorant think that they are strong and unwavering than have anyone see them and their agenda for what they really are… Pure Evil!

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