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What America Would Look Like Without 2A

Have you ever actually stopped to consider what our country would look like if we the people didn’t possess guns? Imagine if you can, where we would be today if the British crown had taken guns away from the colonists sometime before the revolution!

We would have remained subjects of the throne controlled by brute military force for years to come. We still would not be allowed to own property to this very day. We would be taxed at outrages levels in order to pay for all of the socialist programs that we would be forced to participate in. We would have State ran media which would control everything we hear and therefore believe. Okay, that last one has already become a reality but you see the point.

So did our forefathers. The founders of our nation recognized two critically important facts regarding arms and militia. First they recognized that natural law, which all other laws should be subservient to, states that all human beings have the right to protect their lives, the lives of their families and their neighbors and the right to protect the property that they have worked so hard to secure for themselves and their loved ones.

Toward that end, the framers also realized that all of the people, within reason, should be able have access to the same degree and level of armament, also within reason, as those who may wish to do them harm, whether they, the criminals, have access to those arms through legal or illegal means.

Let me explain so there is no confusion – If the government were to ban guns but the criminals could still obtain guns illegally, which anyone with half a brain cell knows they will, then that leaves the law-abiding citizens vulnerable to attack with no equal means of self-defense. In other words our natural right to defend ourselves, loved ones and property would be infringed upon by the government.

Stand Your Ground by Don Troiani

Yes, the right to bear arms and form militias is a natural right because we, as human beings are born with the inherent right to be free and not subject to the will of another individual. Granted, as members of a society, we collectively agree to abide by a set of common laws as determined by those whom we appoint and elect to create such laws but only under a few conditions. 1) those laws are in obedience to and serve natural law, 2) those laws do not infringe on the most basic of natural rights afforded to the people through nature and natures God, 3) those laws must serve the greater good and purpose of creating a safe, civil and prosperous society, and 4) those laws do not favor one group or class of individuals over another group or class or provide special favor or treatment to any specific individual or group.

The second critically important fact realized by the founders is the one I mentioned previously. They recognized that if the people had not been armed, at least at an equal level of that of the individual foot soldier serving in the British army, then there never would have been a revolution and we would still most likely be British subjects to this day. Due to reflection, the framers thought it an important enough political and natural right to protect not only our individual right to bear arms, but also the right to form militias to rise up against tyranny should it take hold in our nation.

The Battle of Long Island by Domenick D’Andrea goodfreephotos.com

From this, we can start to recognize why many of the trends we are seeing in society today are taking place. The progressives must destroy the concept of nature and natures God because it is the foundation upon which all freedom is built. Destroy the foundation upon which natural rights exist and you can destroy the concept of natural rights. Destroy the concept of natural rights and you can destroy the concept of self-defense and individual freedom and if the concept of those rights are destroyed, then the argument for the 2nd Amendment falls apart.

Once we have arrived at that point, the progressive globalists have won simply because we will be stripped of any and all means needed to defeat them by force if it were ever to come to that. In other words, despite the fact that they are attempting to suppress our freedom of speech on every front, they know full well that they cannot stop us due to the basic fact that as long as we remain armed, they must fear us. When we loose are right to bear arms, it will be us that must live in fear. I don’t know about you folks, but that idea doesn’t sit too well with me.

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